Broad Leaf Villas | Broad Leaf Villas opens its doors to locals during pandemic
Our boutique Norfolk island accommodation and Norfolk island holiday packages offer couples, families and friends a fresh modern 4 star haven to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature.
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Broad Leaf Villas opens its doors to locals during pandemic

Broad Leaf Villas opens its doors to locals during pandemic

Broad Leaf Villas, like many businesses, was severely impacted by COVID-19, with Norfolk Island closing off its borders to tourists. 

With no visitors on our beautiful island and many locals returning to the safety of our COVID-19 free shores, Broad Leaf Villas saw this as an opportunity to open up our villas as a rental option to those coming home. 

Current Broad Leaf Villas resident and local Ruby Menzies explained whilst the pandemic disrupted her 2020 plans, she has enjoyed living at Broad Leaf Villas.

“Before COVID-19, I was set to relocate to Canada on a two year working visa, however with the travel restrictions I am now studying full time online, exercising and living my best island life,” said Menzies.

“I love the location of Broad Leaf Villas, it’s close to town and the beach, but the beautiful gardens make it feel so private and secluded.”

“Broad Leaf Villas is a great option, it’s very easy and affordable!”

With international travel off the cards for this year, discover paradise in your backyard. Only a 2.5 hour flight away, Norfolk Island is one to put on your bucket list. Start your holiday planning with Broad Leaf Villas.

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