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Where is Norfolk Island, you ask? Our little island in the South Pacific lies mid-way between Australia and New Zealand, blessed with a sublime sub-tropical climate, lush forested valleys, the clearest sapphire seas and a blissfully laid-back lifestyle.

So much more than the home of the famous Norfolk Island Pine and Mutiny on the Bounty survivors, this hidden paradise has a captivating settler history, elegant World Heritage listed architecture, abundant birdlife, amazing marine life, sensational fresh food and wine and a language of its own. Welcome to the world of Norfolk.

Things to do on Norfolk Island

The real beauty of a Norfolk Island holiday is you can do as much or as little as you please. History buffs will be blown away by the enthralling legacy of the early Polynesian settlers, European explorers, convicts, mutineers and whalers revealed in the island’s World Heritage architecture, exhibitions and tours. View more about museums and island history.

Nature lovers and marine thrill-seekers will be captivated by the contrasting landscapes of towering basalt columns, beautiful white beaches and coral reefs teeming with South Pacific sea life.

Sea Kayaking
Swimming and Snorkelling

On dry land you can immerse yourself in spectacular sub-tropical rainforests and botanical gardens. Over one third of this island in the South Pacific comprises lush reserves and parks, protecting some of Norfolk’s unusual plants and birds and offering breathtaking panoramas.

National parks
Bird watching
Mountain biking
Horse riding
4WD tours

And for a little entertainment and indulgence, find out more about our fabulous food and wine, boutique shops and art galleries, seek out local spas or swing by the golf course.

Getting around Norfolk Island

With your complimentary hire car from Broad Leaf Villas, you have the freedom to explore Norfolk Island at your own pace, as long as it’s no more than 50kmh. There are no traffic lights, but you may need to stop to give way to the odd free-roaming cow, chicken or critter! Click to view the Norfolk Island map online.

Get planning

With so much to see and do, we recommend staying at least seven nights on our special island in the South Pacific. Check out our latest Norfolk Island packages and holiday deals, view our accommodation, or contact us for some friendly advice.

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Norfolk Island Videos

Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island weather and climate

Our sub-tropical climate is tempered by the surrounding South Pacific Ocean, so it's never too hot or cold to enjoy our great outdoors. Daytime temperatures hover around 23°C in summer and 18°C in winter. To find out more, see the Bureau of Meteorology website.

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Getting to our island in the South Pacific

Air New Zealand will fly you direct from Sydney and Brisbane and Norfolk Airlines from Auckland and Brisbane to Norfolk Island in less than two and a half hours, making it the perfect island getaway for Australia and New Zealand holidays.

Flight deals from Australia and New Zealand

While airfares are not included in our accommodation packages, take a look at the Air New Zealand website for the latest Norfolk Island travel deals on direct flights from Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

View the accommodation options or contact us for more details. Or if you're looking to visit later in the year, be sure to come back in a few months to check for updates to our Norfolk Island packages and holiday deals.


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